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We create software that empowers its users and facilitates improved heath and wellbeing. The outcome we’re seeking is more than the technology we develop, it’s the improvement in human health the technology enables.


We offer a suite of app features that address various aspects of health, including sleep, exercise, social connection and mindfulness. Through these features, we allow users access to immediate help in times of high stress and anxiety, whilst allowing them to promote mental health in the long term through prevention.

We specialise in building custom solutions based on what your business or your target audience require. With a focus on user engagement, data security, and evidence-based content, we are committed to creating solutions that provide your target audience with autonomy over their own health and wellbeing.


We are committed to delivering quality web solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of technologies, including front-end and back-end development, e-commerce solutions, content management systems, and custom web applications.

We take pride in our ability to combine creativity with cutting-edge technology to create aesthetic, easy to use websites that not only engage visitors but also drive results. Whether you require a simple website or a complex enterprise-level web application, our company is dedicated to providing innovative and efficient web development solutions that exceed your expectations.

Video production

From explainer videos for police officers to music videos promoting Indigenous artists, our team has experience in end-to-end video production including production, filming, audio mastering and animation.  

Health and wellness program design

Some health challenges require a broader approach than app and website development. In these cases, we build multi-layered illness prevention or health promotion programs by co-designing with the client.

The starting point of our work is listening to the end users to identify their pain points. We then work with them as collaborators to come up with a solution. This empowers them to overcome the challenge and ensures the relevance and efficacy of the end solution. 

Graphic design

We believe in the power of graphic design to deliver impactful and effective messaging for your brand. Whether it's designing eye-catching posters, compelling marketing collateral or engaging branding and style guide materials, our expertise spans a wide spectrum of design disciplines to capture the essence of your organisation’s message. Our goal is to transform your brand or message into the right visual that resonates with your target audience and ultimately compels them to fulfil your call to action.

Digital screening

We develop preventative health-related screening apps and technology solutions for organisations and medical professionals to deliver better health outcomes. We are a committed partner in supporting prevention strategies for a healthier workforce and client-base.

Custom built solutions

Don’t know what you’re after yet? We have a long history of building bespoke solutions by working with businesses to identify pain points and designing solutions that address these. From illness prevention program design to intake and admission triage, we can work with you and your target audience, to determine the solution that’s right for you.

We're passionate about process and purpose

A strong focus on user-centricity, research and an understanding of a user’s pain points, allows our team to create synergies for our client’s products. Our rigorous process is adapted to your user’s needs, to produce a product truly tailored to the people who use it most.

Scientific research

Creativity and evidence go hand in hand. We pride ourselves on taking a scientific approach to our work, providing solutions that are underpinned by the latest evidence and insights. We conduct national and international literature reviews to ensure each project is evidence-based, informed by data and has measurable outcomes. 

UX/UI design

Your app or website may function as your storefront, so first impressions count. Our team takes a user-centric approach to ensure your product meets your user’s needs. We consider all aspects of a user's perceived experience with an app or website to ensure its usefulness and overall performance, while simultaneously ensuring its not only accessible, but enjoyable.

Focus group testing

User-centred design invariably generates the best outcomes, which is why we involve end-users in the design of each solution, making them not just a stakeholder, client or an audience – but a collaborator. Every project is carefully focus-tested with its intended audience to ensure it has the greatest impact in promoting good health and preventing chronic disease. 

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